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Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934
Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 076 B

This record is in German, and the handwriting is hard to read.
Some of these data come from the index on and from the
arrival record in New York (see below.)

Departure 11-Dec-1891
Ship: Moravia
Captain: Winkler
Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerikaniche Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft
Ship Type: Dampfschiff
Accommodation: Zwischendeck
Ship Flag: Deutchland
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Port of Arrival: New York

P2758 Itzig Schiff M 47 Grazow Orell, Russ
P4123 Lea Schiff F 29
Pnew Sara Schiff F 20
P2771 Efrem Schiff M 7
P2769 Breje Schiff M 4
P2759 Benjamin Schiff M 11 ks?

I cannot read the info in the right-hand columns.
New York Passenger Ship Arrivals
Microfilm Serial: M237 Roll 580
List Number: 1969
Line: 5
Port Arrival State: New York
Port Arrival Country: United States
Ship: Moravia

Arrival: 28-Dec-1891

In 1891 arrivals were at the Barge Office.
Pre-1891 arrivals were at Castle Garden.
Post-1891 arrivals were at Ellis Island.

Origin: Russia
Ethnicity/Race/Nationality: Russian
Country of which they are Citizens: Russia
Intended Destination or Location: New York
Hailing place or Place of Starting: Grazow Orell
Date and Cause of Death: blank
Location of compartment or space each occupied: Sy. D. II ???
No. of pieces of Baggage: blank
Transient or Intransient: Alien

P2758 Itzig Schiff 85 (b~1844) 47 M Merchant
P4123 Lea Schiff 86 (b~1862) 29 F Wife
Pnew Sara Schiff 87 (b~1871) 20 F Children
P2771 Effine Schiff 88 (b~1884) 7 M "
P2769 Bejer Schiff 89 (b~1887) 4 M "
P2759 Benjamin Schiff 90 (b~1891) 11 mo M Baby

The family lived in Grazow Orell, Russia. I am not sure where this is.
The ship Moravia left Hamburg 11-Dec-1891 and arrived in New York City
28-Dec-1891 (a 17-day voyage).

P2758 Isaac Leo Schiff Called Itzig - He was Isaac.
Age 47 ==> b1844 (We have bMar-1847.) [DISAGREES]

P4123 Leah Swadist Lea
Age 29 ==> b1862 (We have bJan-1862.)

Pnew Sara Schiff We do not have her.
Age 20 ==> b1871
She is older than Edward E.
She is not in the 1900 US Census with the family.
She would have been 29 in 1900. Was she
married and living with a husband, or was
she one of the three children who had died
before the 1910 census?

P2771 Efrem Schiff Age 7 ==> b1884 (We have b18-Feb-1884.)

P2769?Bejer Schiff Age 4 ==> b1887
Listed as a male in both manifests.
We have female Bertha bApr-1887.
I cannot read the name in either manifest.

P2759 Benjamin Schiff Age 11 months ==> bJan-1891 (We have bSep-1890.)

P2768 Max M. Schiff Born in the US.
P2767 Samuel Schiff Born in the US.